Transforming your words into powerful messages - EditPi's substantive editing service

Substantive Editing (Reccommended)

This package cover more advanced editing, including improving sentence structure and clarity, fact-checking and ensuring accuracy, style and tone, clarity and readability, consistency, and word count reduction. It also includes two rounds of editing and a peer-review by an subject expert (PhD), which can be valuable for authors who need more in-depth editing and feedback. However, the "word count reduction" feature may not be suitable for all authors, and they may want to discuss this with the editor beforehand.

When to use this service:

Substantive editing is typically used when a work is in the early stages of development and the author is looking for feedback on the overall structure and direction of the work. It is especially useful for authors who are new to writing or who are writing in a new genre or format. Substantive editing can also be useful for established authors who are looking for a fresh perspective on their work.

This service includes: