Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of EditPi


1.   Scope of Services: EditPi provides professional English editing services to clients who submit written materials, including but not limited to academic papers, business documents, and personal statements. The editing services may include proofreading, copy editing, substantive editing, and formatting. EditPi does not guarantee any specific results or outcomes from the editing services.

2.   Payment and Fees: Clients are responsible for paying the fees associated with the editing services provided by EditPi. Fees may be determined by the length, complexity, and turnaround time of the project. Payment must be made in full before editing services are provided. EditPi reserves the right to change fees at any time, and will provide notice to clients of any changes.

3.   Quality Guarantee: EditPi strives to provide high-quality editing services to clients. However, clients understand and acknowledge that editing is a subjective process and that EditPi does not guarantee the final outcome or acceptance of any document. EditPi will work with clients to address any concerns or issues with the editing services provided. 

4.   Confidentiality: EditPi will treat all client documents and personal information as confidential and will not disclose any information to third parties without the client's express permission. EditPi reserves the right to use anonymous samples of edited documents for marketing and promotional purposes.

5.   Delivery and Turnaround: EditPi will deliver edited documents to clients by the agreed-upon deadline. However, EditPi does not guarantee delivery by a specific date and is not responsible for any delays caused by unforeseen circumstances. 

6.   Revisions and Refunds: Clients may request revisions to their edited documents within a specified time frame after delivery. EditPi reserves the right to charge additional fees for revisions beyond the agreed-upon scope of services. EditPi does not offer refunds for editing services provided.

7.   Intellectual Property: Clients retain all rights to their original documents and any edits or changes made by EditPi are intended solely for the purpose of improving the quality of the document. EditPi does not claim ownership or copyright of any client documents. 

8.   Liability: EditPi is not liable for any damages, loss, or expenses incurred by clients as a result of the editing services provided, including but not limited to loss of profits, reputation, or business opportunities. EditPi's liability is limited to the fees paid by the client for the editing services provided. 

9.   Governing Law and Jurisdiction: Any disputes arising from or relating to these terms and conditions or the editing services provided by EditPi will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the jurisdiction in which EditPi is located. Clients agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in that jurisdiction.

10. Agreement and Acceptance: By submitting a document for editing, clients agree to these terms and conditions and acknowledge that they have read and understand them.